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           What Shift Mediation & Consulting can do for you

My name is Kara Tambellini and I worked in schools as a teacher and administrator for over 25 years. As a classroom teacher, I designed creative and effective teaching strategies that worked for all kinds of learners. As an administrator, I built academic and social-emotional support systems for students who were struggling. I have vast experience working with adolescents who found success in schools and with students who haven't. I am particularly adept at working with adolescents who are struggling in school and designing plans to help get them the support they need to be set up for success. If your child is struggling with learning challenges, anxiety, or motivational issues that can get in the way of success in school, or if your family is going through a major transition—like divorce, relocation, or the death of a parent—the impact on your child's sense of self and well being is profound. I  can help.
I  began Shift Mediation & Consulting to help families make well-informed decisions about the education of their child
when big life changes happen. My  experience in schools informs my approach to mediation, coaching, and supportive educational decision-making. I  work with you to make parenting plans that guide your educational planning, help you identify school programs that best "match" your child's unique learning profile, navigate road bloc ks to schooling,  and establish family communication agreements that support your child, create good family work habits,  and ensure smooth transitions for you and your family.

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Expertise working with families in transition. I am an education specialist with years of experience helping people make sound educational decisions. Shift can help you with parenting plans, education decision-making, and parenting strategies that feel right for your family and your children.

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Coaching works one-on-one with you to help you facilitate conversations with schools and advocate for your child. I also work one-on-one with your child to help them name the challenges they are confronting and coach them to self-advocate and articulate their educational needs.

To learn more about how Shift can help you
call Kara Tambellini (503)956-4892 or email
to set up a 20 minute free consultation

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