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A shift in perspective

With 25 years experience working in schools to design academic and social-emotional support plans that help guide students and families through schools successfully, I can help families make well-informed decisions around educational transitions that work for your family and meet the unique needs of your child.

In partnership with Collaborative Divorce Mediators and Family Law Attorneys, I specialize in decision-making that supports your children's learning—now and moving forward.

I can help you:

  • Work with you and your child to mediate school choice and school conflict (including school-refusal and social-emotional issues that can impede learning)

  • mediate decision-making about school and your long-term educational plans for your child as part of your parenting plan agreements.

  • Help you navigate diagnosed learning differences in your child and help you cultivate tools to advocate for your child in school systems

  • Design parenting plans that are child-centered and support your neurodivergent child

  • Mediate Co-parenting using communication agreements

  • Making school choice decisions that work for your child and your family (for elementary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary education)

  • Mediate and coach family conflict around academics and homework for parents and your child


Let me help you confront the challenges of navigating educational systems,  mediates conflict that can arise in educational settings, and frame decisions for your child that helps set them up for success.  Shift into problem-solving mode and design educational solutions that work for you and your family.


Expertise in restorative and collaborative practices, mediation, and conflict resolution.


Helping you and your child identify strengths and leverage them to navigate transitions and achieve desired goals.

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